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Orlovski tunnel


Orlovski Tunnel is designed as a road tunnel of about one kilometer under the Neva River linking Piskarevski Avenue and Smolnaya Embankment in St. Petersburg. The tunnel will be operated as a toll facility.

The overall two-way capacity of the Orlovski Tunnel is to be 60 000 vehicles per day.

Construction of the Orlovski Tunnel is important as a part of the solution for the transport problem of St. Petersburg. Implementation would promote the development of the city as a major international transport hub.

The decision to develop the Orlovski Tunnel project was driven by the following factors:
- the current congestion of the transport network in the city center and the gravity zone of the Orlovski Tunnel,
- absence of a permanent transport link between right- and left-bank districts of St. Petersburg in the city center,
- exhausted capacity of the existing Neva bridges, and - the traffic increase expected throughout the city.

Moreover, the construction of the Orlovski Tunnel would help to address an issue of a federal significance – to increase the capacity of VBW (Volgo-Baltic Waterway). The tunnel will allow the draw bridges over the Neva River to be open for one hour longer thus increasing the total ship traffic.

In accordance with the Decree of the Russian Government Orlovski Tunnel project will be implemented using a private-public partnership scheme (PPP).
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